Metallographic Sample Grinding & Polishing Machine Automatic TIME-3000S

Metallographic Sample Grinding & Polishing Machine Automatic TIME-3000S
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Model: TIME-3000S
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TIME-3000S automatic metallographic sample grinding and polishing machine is a double-disc desktop machine.
It is suitable for sample coarse grinding, fine grinding, coarse polishing and fine polishing. It is ideal sample preparing machine for enterprises, research institutes
and laboratories of universities and colleges.

The advanced microprocessor control system is adopted to realize stepless speed drive, and the sample preparation pressure and time setting are intuitive and convenient.

This machine only needs to replace the grinding and polishing disc or sandpaper and fabric to complete the grinding and polishing process. It has functions such as the rotation direction of the discs can be selected arbitrarily, and discs can be quickly replaced; multisample holder and pneumatic single-point loading.

This machine is equipped with a water cooling device, which can cool the sample during grinding and polishing to prevent damage to the metallographic structure due to
overheating and to flush away the abrasive particles at any time.

Technical Specification:




disk diameter

φ250mm; φ200mm or φ300mm (optional)

Disk speed


50-1000r/min (stepless)

200r/min, 600 r/min, 800r/min, 1000r/min
(4 speeds)



5-60 N, Individual pneumatic pressure

Power supply


Single-phase AC220V 50Hz









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