Residential Building

Residential Building
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The Building use Light Steel Structure, new technology and enviromental protection materials.

Price $300-500 is price per square meter(about $30-$46 per square foot). The building has different designs. Such as 2-3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, living room, dinning room, study room, and kitchen depend on requirement. Roof has different types such as Magnesium Cement tile, Glass tile depends on requirement. Wall has different types such as Siding, OSB Insulation, Cement boards depends on requirement.

The price is not include Raw material shipping fee,Tariff for Raw material, Engineer's Salary (1 person send from Company to instruct construction workers) and local construction workers’ salary. Average construction time is 20 to 30 days.

The price does not include inside decoration. Customer can choose local construction company and local decoration material.

*Price subject to change upon steel price change.


Main Performance:

Earthquake Resistance

Etopia housing system's frame with its light weight and good deformability, can form solid "close spacing sheathing". Gypsum board structure system can better resist earthquake and horizontal loads. The earthquake resistance intensity can be over 8 degree earthquake.


Etopia steel framed materials, made of highly erosion-resistant, high intensity, cold-formed galvanized sheet, can avoid rusting of the steel plate in the course of construction and application effectively. These can extend the lifespan of the Etopia structure housing. The lifespan can reach over 70 years.


With such essence of high intensity, good stiffness and strong deformation resistance, Etopia structure can withstand hurricane wind speed of 50m/s, wind pressure of 1.5kn/. Consequently, the building owner can rest peacefully regardless of the weather condition.

Waterproof, Damp-proof, Termite-proof

Etopia housing system has perfect waterproof and leak proof measure. The foundation, the roof and the drain system of Etopia housing system all adopt advanced design and waterproof materials with high quality, to ensure the house can remain moisture-free and comfortable. Besides, the advanced foundation frame and Etopia structure is immune from termites, so it extends the house's lifespan and save owner's maintaining cost.

Ventilation and Environmental Protection

Natural ventilation, adjust humidity intelligently. Etopia housing system adopts special design on ventilation and the multifunctional composite wall has the powerful breathing function, which can adjust indoor dryness and humidity. At the same time, the perfect ventilation system can ensure the house full of fresh air.


Main structure tenure of use: 50 Years

Earthquake resistance degree: 8 degree

Fire prevent degree:  

Waterproof degree: II  Tenure of useNo less than 15 years (Waterproof layer with reasonable usage)

Termite-proofNo eatable material termite can chew on

Thunder prevent: Use outside structure to prevent thunder

Insulation: Meet Standard JGJ75-2003   

Noise proof: Floor Standard Impact sound pressure level75dB      

Air weighted sound insulation45dB               

          Household wall sound insulation45dB        

Wood Antisepsis: Any embedded wood or wood close to the wall need antisepsis procedure before use








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Residential Building
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Residential Building
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Residential Building
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Residential Building
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