Metallurgical Microscope TIME-2000W

Metallurgical Microscope TIME-2000W
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Model: TIME-2000W
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 TIME-2000W is a computerized trinocular inverted metallurgical microscope, used to identify and analyze the structure and components of various metals and alloy materials. It is widely used in factories or laboratories for the identification of casting
quality, raw material inspection or metallographic analysis after processing, as well as the research of some surface phenomena such as surface spraying. It is the ideal equipment for metallographic analysis of steel, non-ferrous metal materials, castings,
coatings, lithofacies analysis, and microscopic analysis of compounds and ceramics in the industrial field.

It adopts the coaxial focusing adjustment mechanism for coarse and fine adjustment, which can be adjusted on both the left and right sides, with high precision of fine adjustment, simple and convenient manual adjustment, and users can easily obtain clear and comfortable images.

It adopts a large-size stage of 180×155mm and is set in the right-hand position, which conforms to users’ operating habits. It is convenient to switch the operation of focusing adjustment and platform movement, providing users with a more efficient working


 Technical Specification:



Viewing head

45°inclined, trinocular, interpupillary distance adjustable between: 54-75mm, binocular : trinocular=80%:20%


High eyepoint wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/18mm


Four-position nosepiece; Five-position nosepiece (optional)


three-ply mechanical stage,area 180mmX155mm,right hand low position control, Moving range:75mm×40mm


LMPL5X /0.125 WD15.5mm; LMPL10X/0.25 WD8.7mm; LMPL20X/0.40 WD8.8mm; LMPL50X/0.60 WD5.1mm

Analysis Software

FMIA2020 Metallographic analysis software; Sony chip 5 million camera device, 0.5X adapter lens interface,high-precision micrometer































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