Warranty Information

Product Warranty Information


Best Testing Equipment takes our customer service seriously and wants to ensure  your satisfaction while shopping with us. We understand a warranty is a  major factor in whether or not a purchase is made and want you to rest  assured that we handpick our accessories and items so that we know our  customers are getting only the finest quality products for their money.  We do offer a 12 month warranty from the time of purchase should you  encounter a defect within the item involving the materials or  workmanship, but keep in mind everyday wear and tear etc. do not qualify for the  warranty. We have detailed our warranty policy below so you can familiarize yourself with it before making any purchases with us. 
If there arises a defect in materials or in workmanship that is covered by this warranty, then Best Testing Equipment(BTE) will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the defected products within a reasonable amount of time. We reserve the right to make it necessary that damaged or defected parts be returned to us at our request. We cannot warrant against any scratching or blemishing of the products we sell, as this is to be expected under everyday wear and tear. We continue our warranty on our products while they are still owned by the “original purchaser.” The term “original purchaser” is defined by the party or entity which purchased a product or products from Best Testing Equipment(BTE) as shown by an official sales receipt or PayPal payment authorization number.


  Warranty on Original Equipment for a Manufacturer (OEM)

It it appears that there are defects or missing contents for any products considered to be OEM, then these products are covered by the original manufacturer, and not Only Best Testing Equipment(BTE). We do not replace or exchange any items which are considered to be OEM warranty(we will forward back to them for any claim), as we do not manufacture these items, and have no control over defects of material or workmanship that occur in these products, thus we are not placed liable if a defect is to occur. In these situations, please refer to the website of the Original Manufacturer of the product to find support for OEM products. If you have trouble contacting Time Group INC our OEM supplier, please contact our customer service department.  The information on warranties for most OEM items can be found within the packaging of the items themselves. Warranty information for our OEM products may be found at: Time Group  http://www.timegroup.com